Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

Global Healthcare Alliance has a mission to revolutionize the experience among the patient, provider and payor with innovative and comprehensive solutions in medical billing. Simply put, we do it all.

Based in Houston, Texas, Global is a full-service healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing company that provides a complete and comprehensive medical billing and collection outsourcing solution to physician practices nationwide and our offering is simply bundled into one price.

Global’s Clean Pay Rate™ Service

A powerful combination of our technology and services such as: claims scrubbing and editing with Payor-Provider Intelligence™, medical billingpayment posting, insurance and patient collectionsdenial management and appeals,refund processing and charge entry and coding if needed. Our people specialize in the things that systems can’t handle and practices don’t have the time or energy to manage. We go to battle with insurance companies. Our staff takes direct calls from patients with medical billing questions, and manages all claim denials so that physicians don’t have to. All of this is to ensure that we maximize reimbursement, decrease denials, and increase profitability for our clients.

When we partner with your practice, we become an extension of your office. Global provides to each of our clients a dedicated account manager, that is available whenever you need help and can answer all of your questions. We provide an exceptional level of service, professionalism and personalized attention to earn your trust as a partner, unmatched in our industry. Global’s cloud-based practice management system and executive digital dashboard grants you 24/7 access and transparency to the daily billing, posting and collections of your medical practice.

With our comprehensive medical billing services, Global offers 30 years of experience, tenured staff and solid, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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