RCM Account Manager

At Global, we believe in partnerships. Your practice will be like family and you should have the confidence of entering into a fully transparent, professional and trusting business relationship. We don’t just plug you in and turn you loose. We spend the important time with you, understanding the details and the complexities of your practice, and then we assign you a Dedicated Account Manager.

As a dedicated partner, we become an extension of your office.

Your Dedicated Account Manager is your “go-to” person for all questions and communication and provides you with:

  • Continuous review of all data, identifying any potential delays or denial trends in the revenue cycle
  • Insight on ongoing development of best practices
  • Review of month-end reports
  • Notices about changes in reimbursement, coding and regulations

We recognize that customer service is more than just a help desk. To earn you as a partner, we must lead by serving. That means everyone in our company, from the front line to the CEO, is serving each other and leading by example in order to serve you. And that is what sets us apart. We have a strong infrastructure and tenured staff that makes us more reliable and dependable than other operations. At Global, we spend the important time with you to build a lasting, trusting partnership.

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